Lokrum | Dubrovnik Island Wedding

For centuries, Lokrum was an oasis of peace and quiet just 10 minutes from Dubrovnik. Still today locals and visitors go there to rest in the shade of pine trees and to swim in the cristal clear sea.

Lokrum is also very popular among couples. What a perfect location for a ceremony surrounded with nothing but nature. Just magical.
Amie and Jamie wanted exactly that. A bit of the old town of Dubrovnik, and a bit of Lokrum.
With a good organization of the girls from Dubrovnik Wedding Planner, everything is possible.

The dressing up was in hotel Neptun, 10 minutes car ride from the old town. But, for a wedding it is necessary to go in style. So, when Jamie left before the other guests on Lokrum. Amie, her father and bridesmaids took a luxury boat ride thowards Lokrum.

The ceremony was gorgeous. In the presence of their closest family and friends, Amie and Jamie said yes to each other. After the celebratory champagne, we went to the old town for a couple of shots. It was awesome, especially when the groom is so funny. He should be a stand-up comedian for sure!

The celebration was back on the terrase of the hotel Neptun. Untill late in the morning, everybody was dancing non stop. Followed by the excelent tunes of a live band.

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Planner: Dubrovnik Wedding Planner
Ceremony: Hotel Neptun
Wedding Decoration: Flower Design Patrea