We went on the highest and the best view on Dubrovnik – mountain Srđ and made some gorgeous shots. You can see the old town, Island of Lokrum all the way to Cavtat. It is truly a romantic spot for takeing photos.

Why? Well, sometimes, when you make plans, things don’t always work out the way wanted too. For Lea and Stjepo, it was like that. Nothing bad, actually a joyful change of plans. Their maid of honor was with baby and couldn’t attend their wedding because at that time she would be due her date. So, Lea and Stjepo wanted to make a memory with her before the wedding.

When we finished with our first stop, Srđ, we went a bit downhill into another gorgeous oasis of peace, Park Orsula. Once a forgotten and now the most wanted spot among couples, photographers, and even musicians. One of the best concerts were held there.
All of us had lots of fun and some awesome photos came out of it.

Check them out!