Park Orsula | Dubrovnik Wedding

Park Orsula is the most breathtaking venue for a small and romantic wedding. It has a beautiful view of the old town of Dubrovnik and on the Adriatic sea. Definitely the most wanted wedding venue among couples.

Jade and Richard were instantly enchanted by it. It was a perfect location for their wedding, in the presence of their little daughter and their parents.
A small and intimate celebration of their love. It was gorgeous.

After the ceremony, they spent some time on Orsula to have a glass of champagne and just to enjoy the view. They couldn’t get enough of the view. And I completely understand them because I can’t get enough of it every time I come on Park Orsula.

Their day was so perfect already. But, a boat ride summed it all up. A vintage James Bond type of boat was waiting for them in the port of the old town. It was just before the sunset. A magical ending to this perfect day.

I am so happy that was part of this gorgeous wedding. Sometimes small and simple is the best!

Planner: Dubrovnik Wedding Planner
Ceremony: Park Orsula
Wedding Decoration: Flower Design Patrea